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Sorry for the long period of silence. I’m back to give some updates and as always, feel free to cont

Hi all, I’ve been super busy with customer projects, new product design and production, as well as trying to make time for family and friends. 

Currently we are working on Pepsi style bezel inserts for the 1000 series in the humble and full size models due to many clients inquiring about them. 

Another cool project are smooth bezels that one would normally see on a Rolex Explorer type watch. These will be available for the 38mm 1000s and will give clients a very cool option for changing the look of their 1000! These have been a labor of love for a long time as the 1016 Rolex Explorer is one of my favorite all time cool but very understated designs.  Currently in the design phase on this product but check back for updates. 

I’ve been receiving customer restoration projects from all over the world. I enjoy hearing from my customers about how much they enjoy getting their beloved watches back on their wrists! That’s what keeps me going people! Tag Heuer wont do it so I’m going at it for them!

Here are a couple project pics. One is a 982.006 Great Grey and the other is a first execution Deep Dive 980.023 model. 

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